Monday, April 16, 2007


Welcome to this blog! AdiyEn with the blessings from dhivyadampathis and thirumangai azhwar, opened this blog for Sri AllimAmalar thAyAr samEtha Sri PeraruLAlan of Thiru Semponsei Koil. The above is the picture of Sri Kumudavalli nAchiyAr sametha Thirumangai Azhwar during thEr festival at Thirunagari on April 1st. Thiru Semponsei Koil is one of Kaliyan's favourite dhivyadesam. Here he found that, the samsAric fear, taapa thrayam's would be freed and hence attained salvation after the darshana sowbhAgyam of Sri Allimaamalar Nayaki sametha Sri PeraruLAlan of Thiru Semponsei Koil. The pAsuram's would justify the statements of Kaliyan. To read the Kaliyan's pAsurams with commentary by Oppiliappan kOil Sri. VaradhAchary SaThakOpan Swamin please click the link Let's have the darshana sowbhAgyam of dhivyadampathis and get rid of our samsAric fear, tApa thrayams and attain ujeevanam!

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Jayshree Narasimhan (singapore) said...

Namo NArAyaNA
Dear Sri Senthil,
Have been following your DD kainkaryams. They are really very informative and helpful for the unfortunate ones who are unable to attend na dparticipate in these kainkaryams in person. Mere words do not convey the joy and blessings to view the pictures with the accompanying captions. May the divya dampathis bless you wilth long life and kainkarya sri.

Thanks & regards,
Jayshree Narasimhan (singapore)