Monday, April 16, 2007

Thayar sannidhi and Kanaga vimAnam

After entering into the temple, the left side path allows one to see the thAyar sannidhi. The above is the view of thAyAr sannidhi and one can see the side view of Kanaga vimAnam. The history of temple says that, once there was brahmana named Kaashyaban who lived at Kancheepuram in poor state. Due to the poverty, his son named Mukund left the family for earning money inorder to support them. While he was on yAtra, reached Thiru Sempon kOil at Thiru Nangur and met a yOgi there. After knewing the status of him, the yOgi preached him the AshtAkshara mantram and instructed him to chant the mantra to get rid of his poverty. Mukund sat infront of Sri pEraruLAlan sannidhi at Thiru Semponsei kOil and started chanting the mantra for 32,000 times in 3 days. After that, by the guidance of Sri pEraruLAlan he discovered a treasure full of gold. With that he left to Kancheepuram and lived happily with his family by doing kainkaryams and attained paramapadham. This incident reminds the Kanchi pEraruLAlan's help towards Kaliyan in obtaining money when he was in prison for not paid the due to the then Chozha king!

It is believed that, by chanting the ashtAkshara mantram for 32,000 times in 3 days at Sri PeraruLAlan sannidhi of Thiru Semponsei kOil will yield ishwaryam and good fortune in life. AdiyEn heard from bhattar that many devotees throng to this temple for to chant the mantra and returned with fruitful results.

Ok, let's have the darshan of Sri, bhoo devi samEtha Sri SempoN arangar and enjoy the anubhavam of being in thirumanjanam!!

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