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Welcome to this blog! AdiyEn with the blessings from dhivyadampathis and thirumangai azhwar, opened this blog for Sri AllimAmalar thAyAr samEtha Sri PeraruLAlan of Thiru Semponsei Koil. The above is the picture of Sri Kumudavalli nAchiyAr sametha Thirumangai Azhwar during thEr festival at Thirunagari on April 1st. Thiru Semponsei Koil is one of Kaliyan's favourite dhivyadesam. Here he found that, the samsAric fear, taapa thrayam's would be freed and hence attained salvation after the darshana sowbhAgyam of Sri Allimaamalar Nayaki sametha Sri PeraruLAlan of Thiru Semponsei Koil. The pAsuram's would justify the statements of Kaliyan. To read the Kaliyan's pAsurams with commentary by Oppiliappan kOil Sri. VaradhAchary SaThakOpan Swamin please click the link Let's have the darshana sowbhAgyam of dhivyadampathis and get rid of our samsAric fear, tApa thrayams and attain ujeevanam!


The above is the entrance of Thiru Semponsei kOil Dhivyadesam at Thiru Nangur. Azhwar mentioned in his pAsurams that, this dhivyadesam is the middle among all the 11 Thiru Nangur Dhivyadesams.

naangai naNnaduvul chemponsei kOil

The above is the view of Thiru Semponsei kOil at Thiru Nangur dhivyadesam after entering inside the temple.

".....seeraNi maada naangain naNnaduvul chemponsei kOiliNnuLLE..."
- Periya Thirumozhi 4-3-1.

In all the pAsurams (Periya Thirumozhi 4.3.1-10) of Azhwar, the third line repeats that, this dhivyadesam is middle among all the 11 Thiru Nangur dhivyadesams. From Azhwar mangalAsAsana kramam also, it was the 6th dhivya desam. There were five dhivyadesams that precedes and follows Thiru Semponsei kOil dhivya desam. This dhivyadesam is also known as PerarulAlan Sannidhi. ThAyAr is Sri Alli maamalar NachiyAr. The legend of this dhivyadesam goes like this: During RaamavatAram of emperumAn, Sri RamapirAn killed Ravana in the war and hence to get rid of brahmahatthi dOsham, by the advice of Thruda nEthra maharishi at Thiru Nangur, He was directed to perform AswamEtha yAham and gOdhAnam (pasu dhAnam) which was made of pure gold.
Hence name "Sempon". Sri Rama pirAn as per maharishi vaak, performed AawamEdha yAham and made cow by using pure gold. He performed penance inside the cow for four days and on the fifth day, He presented (dhAnam) that cow to a brahmana. The brahmana sold that cow made of pure gold, and built the temple. Hence the name "Semponsei kOil".

Moolvar: Sri PeraruLAlan, standing posture facing east direction
Uthsavar: Sri Hema rangar, Sri Sempon Arangar
Thayar: Sri Alli maamalar nAchiyAr
Theertham: Hema pushkariNi, Kanaga theertham
VimAnam: Kanaga Vimanam
Prathyaksham: Rudran

Thayar sannidhi and Kanaga vimAnam

After entering into the temple, the left side path allows one to see the thAyar sannidhi. The above is the view of thAyAr sannidhi and one can see the side view of Kanaga vimAnam. The history of temple says that, once there was brahmana named Kaashyaban who lived at Kancheepuram in poor state. Due to the poverty, his son named Mukund left the family for earning money inorder to support them. While he was on yAtra, reached Thiru Sempon kOil at Thiru Nangur and met a yOgi there. After knewing the status of him, the yOgi preached him the AshtAkshara mantram and instructed him to chant the mantra to get rid of his poverty. Mukund sat infront of Sri pEraruLAlan sannidhi at Thiru Semponsei kOil and started chanting the mantra for 32,000 times in 3 days. After that, by the guidance of Sri pEraruLAlan he discovered a treasure full of gold. With that he left to Kancheepuram and lived happily with his family by doing kainkaryams and attained paramapadham. This incident reminds the Kanchi pEraruLAlan's help towards Kaliyan in obtaining money when he was in prison for not paid the due to the then Chozha king!

It is believed that, by chanting the ashtAkshara mantram for 32,000 times in 3 days at Sri PeraruLAlan sannidhi of Thiru Semponsei kOil will yield ishwaryam and good fortune in life. AdiyEn heard from bhattar that many devotees throng to this temple for to chant the mantra and returned with fruitful results.

Ok, let's have the darshan of Sri, bhoo devi samEtha Sri SempoN arangar and enjoy the anubhavam of being in thirumanjanam!!

malarmagalOdu maNmagal

The above is picture taken before the start of thirumanjanam to Sri, Bhoo Devi samEtha Sri Sempon Arangar. Azhwar explained that, he had found Sri PEraruLAlan with Sri devi and Bhoomi pirAttiyAr at Semponsei kOil, in first pAsuram as follows:

"pEraNIndhu ulagaththavar thozhudhEththum pEraruLAlan empiraanai
vaaraNImulaiyaaL malarmagalOdu maNmagalum udan niRpa
seeraNImaada naangain naNnaduvul semponsei kOiliNnuLLE
kaaraNImEgham ninRAthoppaanaik kaNdukoNdu uyinthozhinthEnE!"
Periya Thirumozhi 4-3-1

kaaraNi mEgam

Sri Sempon Arangar during Paal thirumanjanam. Let's enjoy the pAsuram from PeriyAzhwar about the mischievous behavior of Kanna pirAn as baalakreedai varNanam:

"paalaik kaRanthu adupERa vaiththup palvaLaiyaaL enmagaL iruppa
mElaiyagaththE neruppu vEndich chenRU iRaipozhudhu angE pEsi ninREn
saaLakkiraamamudaiya nambi saaiththup parukittup pOndhu ninRAn
aalaikkarumbin mozhiyanaiya asOdhai nangaai! un maganaik koovaai!"
---PeriyAzhwar Thirumozhi 2-9-5.

Ulagaththavar thozhuthEthum pEraruLaaLan

Sri , Bhoo devi samEtha Sri Sempon Arangar during Thayir thirumanjanam. PeriyAzhwar enjoys the anubhavam of Yasodhai piraattiyAr in calling Kannan for neeraattam! After the birth of Sri Kannapiraan, yasodhai piraatiyaar founds that, there was no milk, curd, or butter that was kept on uRi. Let's enjoy the same anubhavam in calling Him as follows:

"kaRantha naRpaalum thayirum kadainthu uRimEl vaiththa veNNai
piRanthathuvE mudhalaagap peRRaRiyEn empiraanE !
siRanthanaRRaai alarthooRRum enbathanaal piRar munnE
maRanthum uraiyaadamaattEn manjanamaada nee vaaraai"
PeriyAzhwar Thirumozhi 2-4-7.

vaNNam azhagiya nambee

EmperumAn during fruits thirumanjanam. After seeing the bhattar putting more fruits in the vessel, reminded adiyEn the following lines from PeriyAzhwar Thirumozhi.

"...uNNakkanigal tharuvan olikadalOtha neerpOlE
vaNNam azhagiya nambee! manjanamaada nee vaaraai"

maaNikkamE! en maNiyE! manjanamaada vaaraai

Emperumaan during thEn thirumanjanam. AdiyEn used the pAsuram words from PeriyAzhwar thirumozhi for the caption. Please watch out the beauty and have no words to write it. Click and enlarge for the divine experience!

kadal niRa vaNNan

Sri, Bhoo Devi samEtha Sri Sempon arangar after fruit and honey thirumanjanam. Azhwar says as follows in Periya Thirumozhi 4-3-3.

".........semponsei kOiliN nuLLE
kadalniRa vaNNan thannai naan adiyEn kaNdu koNdu uinthozhindhEnE"

vaanavar kOn

Haaraththi after the fruits and thEn thirumanjanam. After Azhwar had found Sri PEraruLAlan with Sri and Bhoomi dEvi at Thiru Semponsei Koil, He is still giving darshana sowbhaagyam in order to uplift all the jeevaathmA's like adiyEn as mentioned by Azhwar in his paasurams!

AzhaganE neeraada vaaraai

Sri Sempon Arangar during manjal thirumanjanam. PeriyAzhwar calls Sri Kannapiraan for neeraattam as follows:

".....manjaLum sengaLuneerin vaasigaiyum naaRu saanthum
anjanamum koNdu vaiththEn azhaganE! neeraada vaaraai"

kanjanai kaayntha kaaLai

Sri, Bhoo devi samEtha Sri PeraruLAlan after santhana kaapu. Azhwar relates Sri pEraruLAlan with Kannan during KrishnavathAram in paasuram Periya Thirumozhi 4-3-7. When he was ill-treated by Kamsan, he steered the court by killing wrestlers and finally Kamsan to death. Such a sarva swaami is standing and blessing at Thiru Semponsei kOil:

".....kanjanai kaayntha kaaLaiyammaanai karumugil thiruniRaththavaNnai"

malarmagal maNmagalOdu Sempon Arangar

Sri, Bhoo Devi samEtha Sri Sempon Arangar after saththupadi. Thiruvadi thozhuthal at dhivyadesam like Thiru Semponsei kOil dhivyadapthis would yield ujjeevanam as Kaliyan pointed out in his pAsuram. The presence of His devi's next to Him makes to forget about our sins and instead of punishing the sinners, His DayaaLu svabhaavam makes Him to grant all types of desired boons including mOksham!

So let's fell at the divine lotus feet-thiruvadi of Thiru Semponsei kOil dhivyadampthis - Sri, Bhoo Devi sametha Sri PeraruLalan!!

After looking at the dhivyadampathis in the above picture, would draw -attract everyone to have their darshan at Thiru Semponsei Koil. Isn't it ?!

Anandamaya roopam

Azhwar by experiencing His Aanandamaya roopam at Thiru Semponsei kOil, was freed from his samsaaric fear and got bliss:
vaLangoLpE rinbam manni ninRaanai vaNangi naan vaazhnthozhin thEnE"
----Periya Thirumozhi 4-3-9

Sri PeraruLAlan - paadhaadhi kEsham

Azhwar had the darshana bhAgyam of emperumaan without any hindrance from paadham to kEsam/crown all at once in Thiru Semponsei kOil, unlike during vaamana avatAram - or in Ksheeraabdhi. Click to enlarge the picture to have darshan of paadhaadhi/kEsha sEvai of Sri pEraruLAlan.

"vasaiyaRukuRaLAi maavali vElvi maNNaLavittavan thannai
asaivaRum amararadiyiNai vaNanga alaikadal thuyinRa ammaanai
thisaimugan anaiyOr naangai naNnaduvul semponsei kOiliN nuLLE
uyarmaNi magudam choodi ninRAnai kaNdu koNdu uinthozhindhEnE "

Alli maamalaraaL

Sri Alli maamalar naachiyaar of Thiru Semponsei kOil. Thirumangai Azhwar performed mangalaasaasanam on thAyAr as "alli maamalaraaL" as follows:
allimaamalaraaL thannodu madiyEn kaNdukoN dallal theern thEnE"

Among all 11 Thiru Nangur Dhivyadesams' Azhwar performed mangalaasaasanam ONLY to this thaayaar of Thiru Semponsei kOil.

PanchAnga patanam

On Sarvajith Tamil New Year Day, panchAngam is been read out to mark the beginning of New Year and to bring good fortune to all of us by His darshanam!

vEnkata malai mEviya vEdha nalviLakku

Emperumaan from lightning-lit peaks of Thirumalaa had left His fond place, and traveled south and settled down at Thiru Semponsei kOil. Lets have His darshan:
minthigazh kudumi vEnkatamalaimEl mEviya vEdhanal viLakkai
thenthisai thilatham anaiyavar naangai chemponsei kOyilin uLLE
manRathu poliya magizhnthu ninRaanai vaNangi naan vaazhntholinthEnE
-----Periya Thirumozhi 4-3-8

kaNNaNE! kaarmukilE!!

An another view of emperumaan before purappaadu. AdiyEn tried to cover (enjoyed) Him in all angles as possible and this is one where emperumaan's thirumaN glitters with rays!

kOti manmatha lAvanyan

The lord at Semponsei kOil during KrishnAvatAram, created Manmathan (kaaman) as His son. Adiyen is blessed to have sEvai of this Sri pEraruLAlan, kOti manmatha lAvanyan at Thiru Semponsei kOil and relieved from all!

"........................semponsei kOyiliN nuLLE
kaamanaip payanthaan thannai naan adiyEn kaNdu kondu uynthozhinthEnE
---Periya Thirumozhi 4-3-5.

Is there any magic or tantrA that He(emperumAn) has, to attract even a neechan like adiyEn?

Sri Andal in her Naachiyaar Thirumozhi says:

"peyyumaamugilpOl vaNNA! uNnthanpEchchum seiykaiyum engalai
maiyalERRi mayakka uN mugam maayamanthiranthaan kolO? "

veedhiyaara varuvaanai

Sri Sempon Arangar in purapaadu. Riding along the streets of Thiru Nangur to give His darshana sowbhAgyam to His adiyaars!