Monday, April 16, 2007

malarmagal maNmagalOdu Sempon Arangar

Sri, Bhoo Devi samEtha Sri Sempon Arangar after saththupadi. Thiruvadi thozhuthal at dhivyadesam like Thiru Semponsei kOil dhivyadapthis would yield ujjeevanam as Kaliyan pointed out in his pAsuram. The presence of His devi's next to Him makes to forget about our sins and instead of punishing the sinners, His DayaaLu svabhaavam makes Him to grant all types of desired boons including mOksham!

So let's fell at the divine lotus feet-thiruvadi of Thiru Semponsei kOil dhivyadampthis - Sri, Bhoo Devi sametha Sri PeraruLalan!!

After looking at the dhivyadampathis in the above picture, would draw -attract everyone to have their darshan at Thiru Semponsei Koil. Isn't it ?!

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